Long Story Short…
  • BEST FOR: Art & History.
  • WHERE: The city of Rio de Janeiro.
  • WHEN: All year round.
  • HOW LONG: For 1 or 2 days.

Reveal different sides of the city and its vibrant musical sceneries.

A tasting of several “Brazils” during a musical tour through Rio de Janeiro. If you are staying in Rio for a few days but would like to make the most of the opportunity to get to know as much of Brazil as possible. A plunge into a place where an array of genuinely Brazilian cultures merge together, focusing more particularly on musical styles: samba, bossa, passinho, funk.

Stories you’ll be able to tell when you get back:

This itinerary is a musical journey, a poetic, inexplicable experience in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.


A tasting of several “Brazils” during a musical tour through Rio de Janeiro. Because the goal is to provide a musical immersion, people will learn about the lyrics of songs and rhythms of the types of brazilian music.

  • Brief introduction to percussion.
  • Curator’s expertise to guide the purchase of Brazilian music on vinyl.
  • A photographic immersion in Rio de Janeiro.
  •  Musical rituals and indigenous roots: Museu do Índio, and a store,Tucum.
  •  Drumming and Afro-Brazilian roots: Pedra do Sal and Morro da Conceição.
  •  Carimbó and the cuisine of the North: lunch at the Arataca restaurant.
  •  Forró and the cuisine of the North-east: refreshments at Chiquita’s stall in the Center for Northeastern Traditions.
  •  A contemporary gaze: Visit to an exhibition of Brazilian culture: MAR or IMS.
  •  Learning through your body: the Passinho Ball, or samba at Pedra do Sal or Baile do Charme.

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