1. Rapport

A trip starts right from the moment of a good conversation. You might know exactly what you want to do or still have lots of doubts in your mind. Either way, we are keen to listen carefully to your desires, expectations and doubts because we know that this is essential for the production of a tailor-made itinerary. Therefore, we strive to ensure the first contact is extremely rich in order for us to be on the same wavelength so we can plan the trip that has your profile.

2. Design the trip

Once we understand your profile, it’s possible to research in more depth. At this point, with our experience and the fresh and valuable tips that we have, we design your itinerary, even for places that are still relatively unknown. We conduct a detailed investigation of what is really worthwhile in each destination and then send you a proposal with the main information about your trip. As soon as you approve, you pay an initial deposit for us to continue to the next phase.

3. Your rest is our work

When the itinerary is approved the reservations can be made, which is the most work intensive part. It is precisely this part that you don’t need to worry about. With a highly focused team and partners close to us who deliver excellent services, we go well beyond the basic reservations and printing of tickets (which we also do extremely well). This is the phase in which we guarantee that each step is the way we planned it, so that every day can be enjoyed in full and is positively unforgettable.

4. On the road

This is your time to focus on the present and simply enjoy every moment! From our keen eye and the passion we have for orchestrating vacations, we take care so that your time and investment are fully rewarded. We deliver your travel material with critical as well as other valuable and carefully selected information, that we are sure will make a difference. We remain at your disposition until you return to guarantee that everything runs even more smoothly than planned.


Travelling is much more than just visiting places. It is a chance to expand the way we see the world and enjoy life, and one of the most enjoyable parts of this process is sharing what you experienced. For us, knowing what people experienced on their travels fuels our passion for planning them even more.

Are you ready?


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