Long Story Short…
  • BEST FOR: Spirituality.
  • WHERE: In the indigenous land of the Yawanawa people, about 8h distant from Rio Branco, in the state of Acre.
  • WHEN: Depending on the dates of the festival (normally July or August).
  • HOW LONG: At least 7 days.

Celebrate the tribal culture in this colorful Indian festival in the heart of the Amazon.

Contact with one of the main tribes of the Amazon; this is a tour bringing you face-to-face with the Brazil of the forests, of the Amerindians, their beliefs and wisdom from their lives in the midst of nature. The idea is for the tourists to immerse themselves in village life throughout the festival schedule.

Stories you’ll be able to tell when you get back:

A transformative experience shared with the people of the forest.


Take part in the Mariri Festival to celebrate Yawanawa culture through dance, food, faith rituals, arts and crafts workshops, typical celebrations of this Amazon rainforest people.

  • Rodas de saberes (conversations in a ring for sharing folk wisdom—talks with the spiritual and political leaders of the tribes) about their knowledge, their beliefs and their myths.
  • Musical rituals involving sacred chants and story-telling.
  • Immersion in the everyday skills and lore of craftsmen.
  • Hunting animals with the local people, and helping in the preparation of food.
  • Taking part in the tribe’s faith and healing rites:
  • The consecration of the Sacred Snuff: a ritual with singing and preparation of snuff.
  • Smoke-outs, Herbal & river baths.

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