Long Story Short…
  • BEST FOR: Art & History.
  • WHERE: In the Cariri region, on the northeastern state of Ceará.
  • WHEN: All year long.
  • HOW LONG: From 3 to 5 days.

A Wonderland of art and history to learn about brazillian culture.

The Cariri is a landscape through which a very important tribe in Brazil’s demographic and cultural formation past, the Kariri. It is also where Father Cícero stamped his identity as “Padim” (Little Priest) on all of Brazil’s north-east. Where Luiz Gonzaga was born and some of the most renowned masters of Brazilian culture still live. This itinerary is an immersion in the popular culture and art of the region where the baião style of music sprang up, where the bandit Lampião waged his “cangaço” guerrilla campaign, and where the priest Father Cícero touched and still touches thousands of people.

Stories you’ll be able to tell when you get back:

A lesson in Brazil’s history and art.


Visits to workshops, artisans’ dwellings, and religious and artistic centers. A Remark is that travelers may either lodge in, or simply stay overnight in, the masters’ and crafts people’s houses, or in a community lodging.

  • Class/workshop in shoe making given by Mestre Espedito Seleiro’s team.
  • Class/workshop in woodcuts, with Master José Lourenço da Lira Nordestina.
  • Workshop in Bobbin Lace making, given by lace-makers from Santana do Cariri.
  • Blessing of D. Maria Piauí.
  • Father Cicero: the Memorial and Museum of Votive Offerings to Padre Cícero.
  • The atelier and store of Mestre Noza (a local craftsman).
  • Lira Nordestina—printing shop for cordel literature: Av. Castello Branco, 150.
  • Xicra—graffiti and urban art studio.
  • Caldas hot springs.
  • Santo Antônio celebrations in June, some of the most beautiful street parties of all Brazil.

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